Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project #2

Another project that Cara chose to complete was to decorate a large wooden letter. She wanted to decorate the Letter "L", but they couldn't get any "L" letters. Therefore, Cara decorated Letter "C". This project is going to hang in her room.

First, Cara chose a piece of scrapbook paper and traced the letter onto the paper. Cut out the letter and use spray adhesive glue to attach the paper to the wood. Cara loved the polka dot paper because one wall in her room is polka dots. Then she chose a coordinating ribbon to glue around the outside of the letter. Ta Da!!! Project complete! I did realize later that we have to come up with a hanger for the letter, but not a problem. Tune in tomorrow for her most challenging project of the day!

Take care,



  1. You can absolutely add a hanger. Maybe even some ribbon to hang it from one point and attach the ribbon to two parts on the C?

    Cute, cute!

  2. Cute C! Carson has a C hung on his door with wire and an over the door hanger! It worked perfect!