Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shoot Me! 31 of 52

Another week has zipped by and it is Thursday again and time for the Shoot Me! challenge sponsored by Carin over at Forever in Blue Jeans. This is your chance to post a picture with you in the photo. This week's photo is from the first day of school.

Forever In Blue Jeans

Mrs. Hammond, Ashlin's teacher, insisted on taking a photo of Ashlin and me on our first day of school. Ashlin's first day of Kindergarten and my official first day of being a teacher's aide. I helped in Ashlin's Kindergarten classroom all morning. I helped take the students to Mass, helped get everyone arranged for the all school photo, helped pass out papers and snack, etc. I got to sing Nursery Rhymes, and do a cowboy dance to go with the day's theme, and help with dismissal outside. Ashlin thought it was very nice that her Mom got to help in her classroom.

I also got to have a nice laugh on my first day of helping in the classroom. One little boy in Kindergarten kept asking, "When do we get to play?". The students colored a picture of a bear and after making two lines on his paper he told Mrs. Hammond that he was done and asked if he could play with the toys. She told him to keep coloring. Later Mrs. Hammond let the children play games found on tables, but they could only play with items on a table. After a few minutes the little boy said again, "I don't want to play with the things on the tables. I want to play with the toys." Again, Mrs. Hammond said, "No." Every few minutes the little boy would ask again, and the response was always the same.

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  1. Look how cute you are! Love the picture. Here's to a great school year!

  2. Cute picture! It sounds like you were entertained the first day! I still think this is the PERFECT job for you! What a blessing!

  3. Yeah I agree..It's cute..And it's really a great job...

  4. Great picture! Great new gig!