Monday, August 2, 2010

Countdown to School

Since it is now August, the number of summer vacation days are being counted down at our house. We have been busy already purchasing school supplies, school uniforms, getting hair cuts, etc. The girls will start school on August 18th. Cara will be in 4th grade, Erica will be in 2nd grade, and Ashlin will be in Kindergarten. I will be heading back to work and Justin will be going to daycare, so our summer is almost at the end. This week Keith is on vacation and we are heading out for a few days. Today's photos are from the last day of school in May at the family sock hop at school.

Erica with her friends McKayla and Lacey.

Justin watching the dancing. There were too many kids for him.

Kids could dress up as rock star if they wanted. Rylan was one student that dressed up. He is in Cara's class.

Some of the students dancing the night away.

Take care,


  1. I can't believe summer is almost over. It went soooo fast this year! We also start school on August 18 so we are busy soaking up every last day of summer!

  2. Wow! Big changes are taking place in your house. I am not handling this Kindergarten thing so well with my baby going I hope you are doing better than I.

  3. We're getting close! I love school b/c school means fall is coming......which means Halloween is, too!