Friday, August 27, 2010

Cara's 10th Birthday

The first day of school was also Cara's 10th birthday! The first day always fall around her birthday, so she took birthday treats on the first day. Ashlin woke up that morning and wished Cara a happy birthday. Then Ashlin said to Justin, "Do you know how old Cara is today?" Justin looked at her funny and said, "No". Ashlin then replied, "Cara is all of her fingers today. She is 10 years old". Then she held up all of her fingers for Justin to see how old that was.

Cara standing outside of school on the first day.

The girls were picked up at school on the first day by Deb, one of the neighbors. Deb took her two youngest boys and our three girls out to lunch on the first day at Burger King. Preston, her youngest, thought that everyone should get crowns at Burger King in honor of Cara's birthday, but only Erica, Preston and Ashlin would wear the crowns. Then Preston thought that they all should sing "Happy Birthday" to Cara. Cara did not think that was a good idea, but Preston proceeded to start singing "Happy Birthday" anyway at the top of his lungs. How's that for a birthday lunch?

Cara opening her present. She got a new i-pod shuffle for her birthday. We went out to eat for supper and Cara picked that we eat at Valentino's. It was a great place to pick that way everyone could pick what they wanted.

Blowing out the candles on her cake.

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  1. "All her fingers"....cute!

    Our oldest turns double digits this year. Seems weird!

  2. awe, that is very clever of you new kindergartener to be able to explain to her little brother what the number ten is. :) Happy belated birthday cara. Have a great weekend!

  3. Holy cow! I still can't believe Cara is 10 this year. Ten just seems soooo grown up to me! It sounds like she had a great day!

  4. Nice Shots. Happy birthday to Cara!