Tuesday, December 1, 2015

7th Grade Basketball

 Since volleyball ended, Erica has been in the gym practicing and playing a few games of basketball before the Thanksgiving break. 
 Junior high girls basketball is a short and fast playing season.  They will be done with games before the Christmas break.
 The girls have travelled to O'Neill and to Boone Central for games before Thanksgiving.  After two games the 7th Grade girls are 1-1 and the 8th Grade girls are 2-0.
 The 7th Grade girls have 12 girls out for the sport.  Against O'Neill Erica scored 2 points in the "A" game and 2 points in the "B" game.
 Erica scored 6 points in the "A" game against Boone Central and 4 points in the "B" game at Boone Central.  Erica is not afraid to shoot the ball.  She plays either a post or center depending on what girls are on the floor.  She doesn't play very many minutes in the "A" game, but she makes the most out of them.

 The smile on her face when she scores is priceless! 

Cara has decided not to play basketball anymore.  Ashlin will not start until after Christmas and Justin will start practices this week.  We are gearing up for more time in the gym.

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  1. Wow -- what fun! Your kids are all such great athletes! Not enough girls at Maddy's school to do jr high basketball.

    1. Not sure if they are great athletes, but we like them to stay active. Sometimes playing a sport is more of a social event for a few of them. They play because all their friends are playing.