Friday, December 18, 2015

4-on-4 2nd Grade Basketball

 Justin has started playing basketball games last week.  He plays every Saturday a game at the YMCA.  2nd Grade league is 4-on-4 still with no refs.  The coaches call the game with very few fouls and no violation calls either.
You can't see the basketball, but he made this shot for the first two points of the game.
 Justin didn't really want to play, but we told him that he was playing.  He is not very patiently waiting for wrestling season to begin.  We reminded him that wrestling does not start until January and that he needed to work on some basketball skills for now.
 Justin is a shooter and needs to be better about passing the ball to open teammates. 
 Justin's team won the game and he finished with 8 points on the day.  Yes, he is the shortest kid on his team too.

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  1. How fun! Carson will start basketball in January so we will be joining you in the gym soon!