Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Charlie & Judy's 50th Celebration

Last weekend Keith's Uncle Charlie and Aunt Judy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with Mass, a dinner and a dance.  After Mass, Charlie and Judy were treated to a ride around town in this old car.
 The catered ham and roast beef dinner was delicious.  After dinner, the family was introduced and a family video was shared.  Charlie and Judy have been blessed with seven children and 17 grandchildren.  Then, the dancing started!

 At one point during the evening, the lights were turned on for some family photos.  The photo above is of Charlie with his siblings in attendance: Dan, Frannie, Ron, and Merina.  The photo below is the siblings with their spouses.

 The kids played outside until dark and then came in to "cut a rug". Justin danced with Aunt Sharlene a few times.  He had a great time dancing!  He even asked me to dance.  Ashlin and Cara also danced, especially the line dances.  Erica told Keith that her dancing days ended when she quit dance class, so, she wouldn't dance with anyone.  (We'll see how long this point of view lasts about dancing.)
Charlie, Judy and their family threw a great party!  Hope they enjoy many more years together!

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  1. What a fun party! So sorry we missed it!

  2. Wow -- what a fun party!! Looks like a blast!