Friday, April 24, 2015

Lawnmower Safety

 After the 4-H meeting last Saturday, the kids had a choice of arm knitting or listening to a presentation on lawn mower safety.  I told the girls that lawn mower safety it was. (Are you picturing the eye rolls in your head because trust me all three girls had it going on).
 Cara and Erica both mow our lawn and safety is very important.  Two dads gave a GREAT presentation on proper attire, a safety checklist before starting the mower, and safety while mowing.  The safety lesson was on a push mower and a riding mower.
The girls are enrolled in a safety project and this presentation will work great for a poster for the project.  Later that afternoon, the girls got to go to the movies, so, fair is fair.

Take care,


  1. Am sure it was a very valuable lesson -- lawnmowever can be so dangerous! Nice they got to go to the movies too!

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