Thursday, April 23, 2015

Amelia Earhart Project

 The 4th Graders had to complete a social studies project on an event or person that shaped/changed history.  Each student had the choice of picking a partner or completing the project on their own.  Ashlin worked with Sydney on the project and they chose Amelia Earhart has their person. 
For the project, they had to write a paper about the event or person, create a display board and give a presentation to the class.  Then the grade hosted an open house for parents and other students to view their projects and ask them questions. 

This project was right up Ashlin's alley.  When she wants to know more about an event or person, she spends the time and really does research.  She looked up information on the computer, but she also read a book about Amelia Earhart.  Ashlin and Sydney actually got docked on their paper for having too much information about Amelia Earhart.  When I was proofing the paper and I suggested some things to cut, Ashlin immediately said, "NO" because she felt all the information was important.

This was a great project for the students.  They all had a great time researching a topic of interest.

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  1. What a great project and so nice to more information -- I;m sure it was all important and so interesting!

  2. My youngest just loves Amelia! Great person to highlight. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!