Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First 4th Grade Tournament

 So, so, proud of these 4th Grade girls.  They completed on Saturday in their first club tournament in Stanton.  Some of these girls have never touched a basketball before, let alone play in a game.  Some of these girls have played YMCA basketball.  They are all learning the game together.
 In the first game, they played a team from Humphrey/Lindsey and came away with a 8-6 win.  This had them all smiling and gave them some confidence for the next game.

 Then they lost their next two games which dropped them out of the tournament.  They were exhausted and hungry girls! 

 It will be fun to watch them learn and grow as the season goes on.  They have next weekend off before they play in another tournament. 
 Our Ashlin, #36, played her heart out.  She shot, rebounded, passed, dribbled and ran and ran.  She was tired, but happy that she got to compete like her older sisters.  She might not have gotten a medal that day, but I'm sure her day will come.
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  1. Way to go Ashlin and girls! So fun to watch youth sports, isn't it! Hope you're having a good week!