Thursday, January 15, 2015

6th Grade Christmas Party

 Sommer, another teacher at school, and I stepped up and we are the room parents for Mr. Korth's 6th Grade class.  As room parents, we are not organized and plan the parties on the fly.  For example, for Halloween, we asked parents at the last minute to bring snacks and we planned a scavenger hunt for the students the day before.
 For Christmas, Sommer got the teacher gift and lined the parents up to bring food.  I was in charge of games for the party.  First, the kids were divided into groups of four for a game of "Christmas Trivia".  All the questions pertained to Christmas songs and movies. 
 Next game was drawing a Christmas scene on a paper plate that was on their heads.
 Last, the students had to make a pair of reindeer antlers out of balloons and a pair of pantyhose.  This game was hilarious and by far the best game.  They struggled to get the balloons blown up and put into their pair of pantyhose.
 Cara helped me with the party and a pair of 7th Grade girls joined in on the fun and built a pair of pretty good reindeer antlers.
 They then ate snacks and played "Just Dance" in the classroom.  I was surprised that some chose to leave their reindeer antlers on.  They are a great group of kids.
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