Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Best Week in July

The best week in July, the Madison County Fair, started yesterday.  For us, it started today with 4-H Entry Day.  We had to recruit Grandma Korth to help us get to the fair this morning because we had so many entries that there wasn't room for entries and for bodies.  I was so glad that entry day finally arrived. 
 In our haste to get out of the house this morning, I forgot to grab my camera; therefore, I copied these photos of us from the fair's facebook page.  First, we hauled in all of our open class entries since they have to be entered by 10:30.  I'm not sure yet how many open class entries I had, but I'm guessing somewhere in the mid 30 range.  Plus, the kids had a few items.
 First, up was the flower judge.  All three of the girls received all purples on their flowers.  Therefore, it was a great start to the judging.  The flower judge was very impressed with Ashlin's poster about deadheading flowers.
Then we moved inside the 4-H building where the girls had to interview judge with the baking judges and the canning judge.  Cara spent about 30-45 minutes with this judge working her way through a laundry basket of entries.  Cara had this judge look at two coffee cakes, a chiffon cake, biscuits, a fast foods recipe file, a snack recipe file, a healthy snack, and a poster.  Cara also had some canned salsa and strawberry jam judged.

I will post more photos of completed projects and results after we go back to the fair later today to pick up excess product.

Take care,


  1. Wow! Impressive! Good luck to all.

  2. I am so impressed too! Enjoy your week at the fair!

  3. I wish we had a fair like this. So perfect and small town and much better than the insanity we have here. We don't even go anymore! Just expensive rides and so much money to spend everywhere.