Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grandparents Day

Yesterday was Grandparents Day at school for lunch.  Our kids were lucky to have all four grandparents at school for lunch.
 Unfortunately, our grandparents were at school for the whole lunch (meaning three lunch groups) since Ashlin, Erica and Justin all eat in different lunch groups.  Ashlin is in the first lunch group, so, both Grandpas went through the line with her.  Ashlin brought cold lunch, but both Grandpa Roger and Grandpa Bob wanted the hot lunch of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, cheesy green beans, dinner roll, and fruit.
 In between my recess duties at school, I would drop by the Parish Center and snap photos and visit.
 Justin is a cold lunch kid.  He is not willing to try hot lunch yet at school.  Grandma Leader went through the line with Justin to get his milk and to get her hot lunch.

 Erica is in the last lunch group and Grandma Korth joined her in line.
 There were two empty chairs at our table so Sienna, one of the girls in our neighborhood, and her Grandpa Sohler joined our table for lunch.  Sienna has started calling Grandma Korth "Grandma" since her Grandma Sohler passed away last May. 
Mr. Korth, a 6th Grade teacher and my first cousin, invited his Grandpa and Grandma Wragge to have lunch with him at school in honor of Grandparents Day.  His grandparents will be joining Mr. Korth's nieces and nephew in Hartington at Holy Trinity for lunch on Thursday in honor of Grandparents Day.  I heard more than one grandparent say that they had visited more than one school for lunch last week and this week for a Grandparents Day.

It was a great day at school for the students as well as the grandparents!  There were so many grandparents present.  The grandparents were invited to the classrooms after lunch, were treated to a presentation on the history of Sacred Heart School, and they could come outside to recess with their grandchildren.

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