Monday, October 3, 2011

Latest Obsession

Our family has had a Wii game system for a few years now.  We have never had to limit the kids on how much time per day or week they are allowed to play until NOW.  They have always gone in streaks when playing the system.  But lately, they are OBSESSED with playing it.  One morning Cara tried to sneak downstairs to play before school.

Cara received this game as a gift for her birthday.  This game is what started the obsession to get out of control.  They are so determined to get to the next level, therefore, it results in them playing more and longer.  The limits have started on how much they can play.
They also love to play this game.  But it has taken a backseat to the previous shown game.  Although, when they play this game they all think that they are rock stars.  It cracks me up to listen to them sing.
They will only let me play this game once in a while.  The reason they only let me play once in a while is because this mama beats the pants off of them every time.  I have rhythm!  They get embarrassed to watch me dance but they also laugh at me the whole time.  I tell them to laugh all they want because at the end of the game I always have the most points.

Take care,


  1. Why is this? I dance in front of my kids purely to annoy them. And, they become hysterical.

    I can even break out on the catch a frisbee. Somehow, RUNNING is laughable to them. And, I was an athlete!

  2. Video games that have the kids actually doing something are my favorite...sometimes they even let me join in.