Friday, September 30, 2011

Cheetah Soccer

Ashlin is also playing YMCA 3-on-3 soccer this fall.  She gave up dance and her choice for a physical activity was soccer just like Erica.  Ashlin is on the Cheetah soccer team.  There shirts were supposed to be a bright orange, but the color is between orange and brown.
Ashlin hanging out with her teammates before the start of the game.  Ashlin hasn't played soccer since itty bitty soccer a few years ago.  She started out playing timid and wouldn't engage or confront other girls with the ball.  With each game, she is getting more aggressive and having a blast.
There are five girls on Ashlin's team.  In this photo Ashlin and Katy are waiting for their turn to play.
This was right after Ashlin scored her first goal of the night.
Ready to receive the kick-off from the opposing team.
Ashlin scoring her 2nd goal of the night.   Who wouldn't love soccer if you were scoring goals?
Go Ashlin Go!
Ashlin heading for the goal.  The girl with the curly hair to Ashlin's left is her friend, Piper.  She lives just down the street from us. 

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  1. It looks like you have a soccer star on your hands! Love, love, love the color of their t-shirts! It's perfect for fall!