Monday, March 14, 2011

Practice Project

Cara's next 4-H project is going to be a simple crocheted scarf, but first I had to make one to test out the pattern and see how it was going to work. The project would be fine, but Cara didn't choose to use the yarn the pattern specified. Therefore, I needed to adjust the hook size and gauge according to the weight of the yarn, so, a little trial and error was needed.

These are the colors that I started with: chocolate brown, pink, and a variegated yarn. Cara loved how soft this yarn was when she touched it. The yarn is a baby yarn, therefore, very soft.
Cara wearing the finished project. I thought I was making this scarf as a test project for myself, but Cara has worn it to school every day that the weather has been cold. She has been practicing the two stitches needed to complete the project with some of my leftover yarn. She is almost ready to start her own scarf.

This project was very easy. It only has two stitches - chain stitch and single crochet. I started the project on a Saturday afternoon and had it finished before bedtime. The scarf is about 70 inches in length and about 4 inches wide. Even if we didn't use the specified yarn, I am pleased with the end result.

Take care,


  1. Very pretty scarf. I can't wait to hear how Cara does with hers.

  2. Super cute! I want one. Are you taking orders?