Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Annual Snowman

A few years ago, Keith and Erica started building snowmen in the backyard. They build one each winter and then take a picture with the two of them standing by it. They call it their annual snowman. Here is this year's snowman.

Daddy, Ashlin and Justin posing with the snowman. The weather was really nice and the snow was starting to melt.
Daddy, Erica and Justin posing with the snowman. A few days later, Justin went in the backyard and brought in Daddy's scarf that had been on the snowman. He didn't like that the scarf was full of snow and was wet.

Take care,


  1. What a sweet tradition. It will be so nice to look over the pictures and see how much the kids have changed.

  2. What a fun idea! We didn't build a single snowman all winter, and I think this is year two in a row! What's wrong with us?!

  3. I love the snowman! At our house its snow forts, I guess that is what happens when your oldest is a boy, lol!