Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

What a great Halloween yesterday turned out to be! The temperature was not too cold (mid 50's) and the small rain shower happened before it was time to go trick-or-treating. The kids couldn't wait to put on their costumes and go get candy. We never put out our pumpkins until the day of Halloween because usually they get stolen or smashed. Therefore, yesterday afternoon I put them all on the front steps.

Justin did not want his picture taken and Cara couldn't decide if she was going to go trick-or-treating or not. But in the end she ended up going. So before they left the house we snapped a photo of the angel, lion, flower child and princess.

This photo is over at one of the neighbor's homes. Cara and Erica walked around getting candy with these boys. The two boys on both sides of Cara are in her class and the Iowa Hawkeye football player is in Erica's class. Ashlin refused to be in the photo and Justin didn't want to look at the camera.

I walked Ashlin and Justin around the neighborhood and they brought home a haul of candy. Justin's bucket was almost full. He was really getting into trick-or-treating this year. Justin had a few classic comments to some of the neighbors though such as "I don't want that piece of candy because I already have one of those". He made that comment to a neighbor down the street when she tried to put some M&M's in his bucket. He had received M&M's at the previous house and he thought he couldn't get any more of that kind of candy. Then he told the neighbors across the street, " I don't like that kind of candy!" and wouldn't let them put a certain piece in his bucket. Life is never dull with a 3 year old around. He says what is on his mind.

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  1. I love pumpkins.....both the kids and the vegetable variety!

  2. It looks like you had a fun Halloween! Cute pictures!

  3. Love the mentality of little ones. My neice at one point shouted no more, no more...her bucket was full! It was cute. All the kids look great!