Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1st Anniversary - Late

Last Tuesday, November 2nd, was my one-year anniversary of blogging. I want to thank everyone that welcomed me to blogland and has followed the activities of our family. When I started blogging it was supposed to be a journal of our every day lives and what happens in this household of six. I am not good at keeping a journal. I have tried to journal more than once and every time I fail. I have told myself that I will not fail at blogging. This blog has inspired me to write about the daily activities of our family and has also inspired me to take more photos of all of us. When I started this adventure, I wondered what I would blog about every day and somehow I have come up with ideas and activities.

Lately I have been lacking on posts and have not been the best follower of anyone's blogs. I am sorry for falling behind, but last week was really hectic here. Keith stayed out of town on Monday and Tuesday night. Wednesday night everything was going good until about 9:00 when the phone rang. Keith got called back to work and ended up working all night and not getting home until Thursday afternoon at about 1:00. On Thursday and Friday, I had to work all day at school. The week just flew by and I failed to have time to post or even read other blogs. I barely found time to check my school e-mail.

Thanks again for everyone following this blog for the last year and here's to many more posts!!!

Take care,


  1. Happy to know you. Congrats on one year!

  2. Happy one year blogiversary! Blogging is sooo much fun!