Friday, July 2, 2010

Dad, You Gonna Mow?

Every evening when Keith walks in the door from work he is greeted by Justin asking, "Dad, you gonna mow?". And I do mean this question is asked every night. Justin loves to mow! If he is in the house and he hears a mower start up in the neighborhood he has to go outside and see who is mowing. If Ryan next door is mowing, Justin will go over and help him. Last night he asked Scott (his buddy Tyler's Dad) if he was going to mow. Nicole, Tyler's mom, told Justin that she was going to mow today and that he could help her.

Justin has picked up on the concept of not wearing a shirt from Tyler this summer. He started mowing with his shirt on and then came and told me that he needed it off. I really wanted him to leave his shirt on due to all of the mosquitoes, but no such luck.

Like father like son! Whenever Keith makes a turn, Justin makes a turn. Justin also told Keith to take his shirt off too.

I know that I have posted before about Justin and his mowing habits, but when I saw the two of them mowing the other night I just had to snap a few photos. I also watched them and laughed.

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  1. Oh this is too funny. Logan is all about the lawn mower. My dad has an old lawn mower that they don't use and Logan will go down and sit on it for hours and refers to it as his lawn mower.