Tuesday, July 20, 2010

City Rec Softball

Cara and Erica have been playing city rec softball this summer and last Wednesday was the last day for this season. City Rec girls' softball is played on Monday nights and Wednesday mornings. With the flooding this summer, we did have a few games that were cancelled, but we played a majority of the games.

This was Erica's first year to be old enough for city rec softball. Erica played t-ball in the 7 & 8 year old division. Erica's team was sponsored by the Norfolk Morning Kiwanis Club. T-ball is used to teach the players fundamentals. The score is not kept in the t-ball games. At bats are stopped after getting three outs or five runs. It is not uncommon during the game for one of the coaches to stop the game to explain how to stand, how to hold the bat, where to throw the ball, etc. The coaches are high school and college girls. All of the coaches do an excellent job throughout the season teaching the girls technique, fundamentals and good sportsmanship.

Erica ready to hit the ball.

Erica posing for a photo after safely arriving at first base.

Cara played in the 9 & 10 year old age group this year. This was Cara's first year to play coach pitched softball. Playing coached pitched softball also meant that the batter could strike out after getting 5 strikes. The teams also kept score of the games. Cara's team posted a record of 6-2-1 entering into the end of the year tournament, but her team lost in the first round so they were out. Cara told me a few times not to yell at her or other teammates, but I failed to listen. I do not understand what is wrong with yelling out words of encouragement or trying to help her become a better player.
Cara ready to hit the ball.

Cara on third base ready to run home.

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  1. Oh fun! Softball was way beyond my athletic abilities, but am so glad to see others enjoying it! :)


  2. It looks like you have two little athletes at your house! Cute pictures!

    Carson has three baseball games left, but who is counting?! I am usually the crazy mom jumping up and down, while videotaping and yelling! He's totally used to it!