Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Erica's New Smile

Today was the day!  The day Erica's braces came off to reveal her new smile!
Erica has been waiting for months for this moment.  The orthodontist has been telling her "one more month" since about February.  Since her appointment last month when he told her it was time, she has been counting the days.  Erica had braces for about 3 weeks shy of two years.

She thinks it is funny that she got her braces off this week and three friends/neighbors/classmates got their braces on this week.

The funniest moment may have been when we were loading the car and Cooper, one of the boys Erica babysits for said, "Are you excited?".  I just bust out laughing because Erica was sooooo excited!

Take care,


  1. Beautiful smile!!! Congrats Erica!!!

  2. Way to go, Erica! Carson will be getting either braces or a nighttime mouth guard very soon! Boo hoo!