Friday, July 1, 2016

Youth Optimist Track

This year we only had one kid sign up for Youth Optimist Track.  Justin was the only one.  Cara is too old, Erica was in junior high track and Ashlin didn't want to do it, that just left Justin.
For his running events, Justin chose the 55M hurdles and the 400M dash.  I held my breath through the hurdles race because last year he tripped on a hurdle and fell getting scraped up pretty good.  But, this year Justin cleared every hurdle and won his heat earning him a first place ribbon.  Then in the 400M dash, Justin and Callen (one of his best friends) ran the race side by side talking until the final curve.  Justin was fine getting 2nd place to Callen.  He said after the race that he just ran out of gas toward the end!

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