Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Times 8

 Cara's 6th grade class only has 35 students in the whole grade.  They are the smallest grade at Sacred Heart Elementary, but they are a close class.  Eight of the students in 6th grade have a birthday within 10 days of each other in March.  Therefore, they decided to have a big birthday party and all celebrate together on Sunday.  Each student and his/her family was invited to this "Happy Birthday Time 8" party.
 One family lives in an old rural school that is no longer open.  They have renovated the school and now live in it.  The school had a gym so it comes in handy for class events.
 One mom, who happens to be a PE teacher, planned games for everyone to enjoy in the big gym.  It didn't matter your age because anyone could participate.

Joe and Raymond practicing their dance moves.
 In another room, you could play Just Dance IV is you wanted to play.
 Every time it was time to start a new game, everyone had to sit by the big circle in the center of the gym and listen for new directions about the next game.
 Cara and Charli would kind enough to let Justin be a part of their team of three.  This game involved stealing little foam pieces from other teams.  You had to be tricky and fast!  Justin had fun being sneaky!
 After the games, everyone enjoyed a nice supper of sloppy joes and other party foods.
 The night concluded with a group dance of "Harlem Dance" by all the kids.  Connor started the dance in the center.
 They were supposed to have their heads down, but everyone wanted to peek and see Connor dance in the middle.

Every Mom commented how photos from this 6th grade party will probably show up later on their Graduation Day Senior Video of memories!  A great party and we wish the 8 birthday kids, Chase, Connor, Hunter, Carter, Bree, McKinzie, Ethan and Callista, a "Happy Birthday"!

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  1. What a fun party and great idea!! Happy birthday to your 8 year old!

  2. This is so cute. You find the best places for your kids!

  3. What a great way to celebrate. So nice of them to open up their awesome home to host the party.